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It’s the 50th episode of the PC Invasion Podcast! A fact we celebrate by not noticing or making any direct reference to it whatsoever. Classic. In this post-Brexit world, only embattled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Peter Parrish) and beloved British actor Idris Elba (Tim McDonald) can provide voices of sanity in the world of PC gaming.

This week, we talk about Dan Marshall’s Kickmen, get very nerdy about the FIFA 16 chemistry glitch, discuss G2A and grey market key sales, and notice that Nightdive’s System Shock remake now has a playable demo (here’s the article Tim mentions about the protagonist of the original being a horrific freak of nature).

He’s been playing The Technomancer. I’ve been playing Umbrella Corps (sort of), and Hitman. Together, those are games that we have played.

Download or stream the latest episode of the podcast, below. Older podcasts reside in the archives, biding their time until the stars align and they can be reborn in newer, stronger flesh.


Godus still “an ongoing project” insist 22cans

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