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Back after a week’s hiatus, it’s the PC Invasion Podcast. Since we missed commenting on it at the time, most of the early chat between myself and Tim is about FTC rulings, CS:GO gambling scandals, and YouTube non-disclosure. Shut up, it’s fascinating! All the kids love Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

After that we talk about lots of games. So many games in fact that I may forget to mention them all here. I know for a fact that we talk about Inside (in a non-spoiler way), Furi, Rimworld, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, Evolve, Black Ops 3, and Pillars of Eternity. Just assume we talked about a couple of other things that I’ve since forgotten. We also talk about Robin Hood quite a bit.

Listen to all of that latest podcast goodness, below (either by downloading or streaming). Older podcast episodes can be found in the archives and (mostly) contain 92% fewer FTC discussions.

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