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Welcome to the “we’re not dead” edition of the PC Invasion Podcast. After a bit of a hiatus, the podcast is back. Since it’s been a couple of weeks, there are plenty of recent games for Tim and I to discuss.

Before that, there’s a brief celebration about the impending return of Time Commanders. Hopefully BBC4 can re-capture the magic of a team of double-glazing salesmen who’ve never played a videogame in their life trying to win the Battle of Hastings as depicted by the Total War: Rome engine.

Then it’s a tour through the last fortnight of gaming. Lots of chat about Earth Defense Force 4.1, Hitman (we always talk about Hitman), the joy of Minotaurs in Total War: Warhammer’s Call of the Beastmen, strange detective work in Final Fantasy XIV, and British dystopianism in We Happy Few.

Gosh, what a lot of games. Hear all of that below, by downloading or streaming the latest podcast. Older podcasts can be found in the archives.


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