PC Invasion Podcast #53

PC Invasion Podcast #53

The fifty-third episode of the PC Invasion Podcast is the only PC-related podcast guaranteed to contain mentions of former SAS man Andy McNab. In a slightly more relevant fashion, it also contains me (Peter) working through my pain after sitting through far too much of EA’s interminably boring GamesCom press event.

Speaking of boring (no, that’s unfair … or IS IT?), Tim managed to play No Man’s Sky for an hour before refunding it on Steam. We have a chat about that, and attempt to determine whether Sean Murray’s checked shirt is his equivalent of the Molyneux turtleneck. The public needs to be informed.

After that, there’s a bit of Witcher 3 sex chat, and (oddly) some Conception 2 non-sex chat. It’s all about the star wombs, people. Listen, if you still want to, to all of that in the latest podcast, below. Older podcasts live in our musty archives.

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  • wrap

    It would be interesting to know why Hello Games chosed this kind of marketing strategy; did Sony asked to do so or was it their own decision. Sure, being vague brought them lots of pre-orders but maybe it wasn’t the best choice in long term.

    “Open development” would have been great for customers and most likely for the game as well. People would have been able to help them fix the bugs and we would know better what is coming. If they would have said honestly that the multiplayer support is under work I guess people would have been much more positive about the project overall.

    It’s quite obvious that you hate the project but it sounds a bit funny when you talk about bugs in Star Citizen which is still in alpha state. It is still unclear if you do it in purpose or if you are not familiar with the software development lifecycle.

  • The most disappointing thing about No Man’s Sky is that the procedural generation isn’t even very good. The terrain looks like the totally random silliness you get from basic heightmap generation algorithms, rather than anything you’re likely to find on Earth, Mars, or the Moon which is the result of various natural processes.

  • Railbydefault

    I’m always interested in getting more information about games from websites/journalists that create quality content. So “yes” is my answer to the question at the end of the podcast. Fanboii’s and whiteknighttrollolos will always give you shit if you don’t conform to their “if I think they are wrong if they don’t agree” mentality. So even if you’ve played what you’d consider a small amount of a game, feel free to post any thought and feelings you have had about the title. Some will always say “blah blah if you havent played it a million trillion hours you can’t form an opinion blah blah…”, but that is just bollocks. Not many people have the experience that you bunker dwellers at PCInvasion.com have, and(imOo) even fewer journalists in gaming actually bring genuine views to their readers, which I feel is the norm/mission statement around these parts relatively speaking. The more the merrier. If you have something to say, an opinion to share….share away, hit the like button, thumb it up, and al that $hit the younglings do these days Tim.

    I’d like to add that I am still waiting for the Hitman Absolution apology w/cat video from P.P. What is the eta on that?? ??

  • Tim McDonald

    Pretty much any Star Citizen reference in the podcast is part of a long-running joke, don’t worry 🙂 Besides knowing a few people in the industry and hearing those rare behind-the-scenes stories when they come out, we’ve played an awful lot of early code – everything from proof-of-concept onwards. We don’t have first-hand experience of how dev cycles work, but we’ve got a pretty good idea.

    Some sort of Early Access probably would’ve been a better choice, though with the Sony backing, the PS4 push, the full-retail price-point and the like, I’m not sure how that would’ve worked out; I think a lot of stuff would’ve had to change for that to happen. And in a few cases it’s not even about Hello Games being vague – there’s stuff that was specifically mentioned which didn’t appear in the finished product. The Reddit thread I mentioned in the podcast is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/4y4i3a/wheres_the_nms_we_were_sold_on_front_page/ (A repost; the original was apparently deleted, as was the account of the person who posted it.)

    Really not quite sure what happened there, but I suspect there’s an interesting story behind it all. Mostly, though, I just want to know if a lot of this stuff is going to eventually appear, or what.

    And Railbydefault – thanks! We get lots of code and I try to play pretty much everything that looks interesting, though often not enough for review unless it’s either big, short, or particularly piques some interest. Will definitely look into doing more Unreviewed stuff in future.

    • wrap

      Ah, OK. It just sounds a bit weird someone bashing a game that is still in alpha state and especially when the game is more ambitious and complex than many AAA games combined. Additionally why would someone be excited about a console games and not about a game that is designed and made for PC.

      One suggestion to make the site/content better is give to PC gamers more technical information. For example PC Games Hardware write technical stuff additionally to basic information. Just give a look their latest Foundry 42 article – Star Citizen: Besuch bei Foundry 42.

      It’s a bit sad in what situation Hello Games drove themselves but I hope they are able to continue normally and improve and extend the game in upcoming years.

      The situation reminds me a bit of Egosoft story. Lots of hope and promises were given and the launch of their latest game was a disaster. Game was developed behind the closed doors so no one was able to see or play the game. Fortunately X:Rebirth has improved greatly but what is sad is that Egosoft stays still very silent. I think they should be much more open and try to win trust and their fans back. Without the community X-series is not going far … I hope they are not going to release the next X-game for consoles in hope they would get a new fanbase.

    • wrap