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The fifty-third episode of the PC Invasion Podcast is the only PC-related podcast guaranteed to contain mentions of former SAS man Andy McNab. In a slightly more relevant fashion, it also contains me (Peter) working through my pain after sitting through far too much of EA’s interminably boring GamesCom press event.

Speaking of boring (no, that’s unfair … or IS IT?), Tim managed to play No Man’s Sky for an hour before refunding it on Steam. We have a chat about that, and attempt to determine whether Sean Murray’s checked shirt is his equivalent of the Molyneux turtleneck. The public needs to be informed.

After that, there’s a bit of Witcher 3 sex chat, and (oddly) some Conception 2 non-sex chat. It’s all about the star wombs, people. Listen, if you still want to, to all of that in the latest podcast, below. Older podcasts live in our musty archives.


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