PC Invasion Podcast #54 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

PC Invasion Podcast #54 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The podcast is thoroughly augmented this week, as Tim and I delve deep into the newly released Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This podcast is full, and I mean full of SPOILERS. It’s intended for post-completion listening, although of course that’s entirely up to you. We’ve also got an extensive warning near the start of the audio itself, so you shouldn’t accidentally stumble into this and ruin the ending.

Eidos Montreal’s decision to go with a lone Prague hub, the augs-vs-naturals theme, level design, characters, what the hell Marchenko’s motivation is, Adam Jensen’s kleptomania, and the Illuminati are all topics of discussion. Plus a bunch of other Deus Ex: Mankind Divided things that I’ve forgotten about, I’m sure.

Download or stream the episode, below. Be sure to wear your sunglasses at all times. Other podcasts can be found in our archives.

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  • Railbydefault

    Deus Ex HR was a very special game imo. I had cautiously high hopes for DE MD going in.

    The tools of HR are all very much improved and I cannot take away from it there. But the game is missing something that HR had, a very large “something”. The story isn’t boring per se, but there were times when the dialogue was so bland and blatantly leading you as a player I was bored by it. Like you guys eluded to during the podcast, they’d say some characters name and blatantly tell you what their place was. There was no figuring things out on your own, no mystery so to speak. It felt like a small story about military and cop stuff(not like Deus Ex worldwide conspiracy depth at all) The over arching narrative was also very direct if I can use that word. I literally found myself bored with some of the dialogue because it was such a simplified story. Here is A, and this is what you should think about A, go do these things and we’ll give you more. It didnt feel connected so much as it felt like a bunch of separate parts equaling a whole. HR had a sense of progression toward a goal that mattered. All intertwined and at least loosely connected to the bigger picture of the narrative. Now we have weird small side quest stories that can be said to be connected, but didn’t really feel logically connected so much.

    The entire game, for myself at least, had this feeling of “ok its about to start now”, “things are about to matter now”….a waiting for something to happen sensation.

    I got to the end sequences, and I’m sitting there “OK, YES! This is finally gonna kick off, I’ve been waiting for this” We’ve changed location(FINALLY) Act II is starting….Gonna deal with this Marchenko guy and get this shit moving forward finally!… then “New Game + Unlocked” hits the screen a couple minutes later and I realize that its over. No act II, no moving forward of the story from the back and forth of Prague. Nothing. “WTF just happened” is all I that comes to mind. The best game I’ve played ever is DE1 and HR so it made itself big shoes to fill. But expectations on the level they have achieved prior to now can be a good thing when a competent studio/team makes the game. But, then this game comes and it feels like it is 1/3 of a game relatively speaking.

    The game is still better than any other game that has or will come out this year, but compared to Deus Ex and Deus Ex HR it is a step down immersion, story, character, depth, enjoy-ability-wise. The Micro-transactions are a really pathetic cash grab, made more so by not hearing about them at all prior to release. The pre order bonus turns out is just a micro transaction cash grab as well with its one time use restriction. I’ve no motivation to bother with Jensen stories at this time. The vertical FOV was annoying for a while, but eventually gave up on caring(must be a console technique). You stand 3 feet behind a character off to your left three feet and you can’t even see them in peripheral. That’s at full fov. I lost 2 hours of game play because it stopped saving at X number of saves until you delete some. Had the same on screen “press T hold” or whatever it was for half the game. I bought battery power augs that glitched and didn’t work all game so I had lvl 1 battery power. There are a lot of niggles that I would have cared less about had I felt like I played a full title. But oh well, lesson learned. At least it’s still better than most shit games.

    Sorry for lengthy post.