PC invasion Podcast Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The podcast is thoroughly augmented this week, as Tim and I delve deep into the newly released Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This podcast is full, and I mean full of SPOILERS. It’s intended for post-completion listening, although of course that’s entirely up to you. We’ve also got an extensive warning near the start of the audio itself, so you shouldn’t accidentally stumble into this and ruin the ending.

Eidos Montreal’s decision to go with a lone Prague hub, the augs-vs-naturals theme, level design, characters, what the hell Marchenko’s motivation is, Adam Jensen’s kleptomania, and the Illuminati are all topics of discussion. Plus a bunch of other Deus Ex: Mankind Divided things that I’ve forgotten about, I’m sure.

Download or stream the episode, below. Be sure to wear your sunglasses at all times. Other podcasts can be found in our archives.


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