PC Invasion Podcast #55

PC Invasion Podcast #55

After a full-on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided special last … err … whenever that was, we now return you to the usual podcast ramblings for Episode 55. This week, Steam changed their criteria for customer reviews and we have things to say about it. That leads to the discovery of I Am Caligula and this provocative image.

Then, since we know everybody is all about Pac-Man in 2016, Tim and I discuss Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. This goes on for longer than you might expect. Sorry.

I’ve also got a fair bit to say about the FIFA 17 demo. Mostly relating to the exciting adventures of Alex Hun-TAH. Tim, meanwhile, has revisited Street Fighter V, and had a look at the belated PC release of the original Dead Rising. There’s also a bit about Lucius Demake.

Have a listen to all of that in the latest PC Invasion Podcast, below. You can stream from here, or download the mp3 for your own mysterious purposes. Older podcast episodes live in the archives.

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  • Oh, thank [insert deity of your choice here]!

    For a while there, I thought we had lost yet another PC gaming podcast. There are so few PC gaming-only podcasts out there and even fewer good ones (yes, you guys are definitely on that list), that I don’t think my weak, cholesterol-infused heart could take another loss.

    So, cool, you’re back.

    Now….don’t ever do that again, dammit.

    • We’re glad you’re glad! Yes, sorry, the schedule has been a bit … ah.. inconsistent lately. A rigid, weekly show is a bit tough right now, but we’ll try not to let it drift past two weeks.

    • Tim McDonald

      Yeah, don’t worry, we’ll keep doing them. They might be a *little* sporadic, but they’ll happen! Just, uh, maybe with some inconsistency. Glad you like them, though!