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Two in two weeks, this is clearly a return to podcast form. On Episode 56 of the PC Invasion podcast, we talk about Michael Pachter’s run-in with the Daily Star and dispel any and all rumours of PC users being insular. Some of our best friends are PS4s (tugs collar nervously).

(Note: We recorded this before the Daily Star released their audio recording, shifting more blame back to the Pach-Man).

After that, it’s on to the wacky world of Digital Homicide, ill-advised lawsuits, and an expanded discussion about Steam’s moderation (or lack of it). What’s the solution? We don’t know!

Tim’s been wearing Batman’s cape again, so he talks about Episode Two of Telltale’s lengthily-named series. Meanwhile, I’ve been back to Rivellon for tales of animal tragedy and freeform escapology in Divinity: Original Sin 2. It’s then back over to Tim for some thoughts about Paladins (inevitably including some Overwatch talk), and then a final lay-up for me to dunk some words about NBA 2K17.

You can hear all that, below. Or download it and then listen. Or whatever. Older podcast episodes dwell in the darkened, sulphurous chambers of the archives.


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