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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everybody. For yesterday, yes, we know. None of us are Canadian (as will become clear from the podcast). It’s PC Invasion Podcast number fifty seven, brought to you by poutine.

In this cheese curd spectacular edition, I force Tim to say words about Mafia 3 until he gets tired of talking about Mafia 3. He has a theory about the most appropriate series comparison for this new release, and the results MAY SHOCK YOU. Sorry, went a bit clickbait headline there for a second.

We also talk a bit about Beyond Good & Evil 2 being confirmed (again) by Ubisoft. But this time it’s definitely coming out soon. Probably.

I’m afraid there’s another portion where I talk about FIFA 17, but don’t worry, it’s short, and since the game’s out that segment won’t happen again for another few months. To make up for it, I also talk about Pit People, which is about as far away from FIFA as possible. Then there’s a bit at the end about the new Hitman mission, which we agree is … alright, I suppose.

So, gather around the Canadian … turkey (probably?) and enjoy this sumptuous feast of pod. Older podcasts can be found in the archives, but may now be beyond their sell-by date. Particularly the very early ones where the mysteries of things like ‘any effort whatsoever put into production values’ were yet to be discovered.


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