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Good news everybody, this week all three of us managed to make it all the way through the podcast without audio problems. It’s a momentous occasion, and we’re all very proud.

Despite my best efforts, it seems like the opening section of Podcast Episode 60 is all about MOBAs. Paragon, Dota 2 (or Dota 3 as I’m told it’s called in some quarters), even Heroes of the Storm gets a mention. It’s a shocking amount of MOBA discussion, frankly, and it won’t happen again until the next time it happens.

After that, we deal with a reader question about Keighley, Kojima and who we might gush over at a live awards ceremony (note: John Romero’s hair was vetoed as an answer). Then it’s on to debating whether a PC publication should really be giving an award to a game that doesn’t work properly on PC (AKA: Dishonored 2 chat).

There’s also some stuff about Hitman’s final episode, The Crystal Maze, and a short section about Total War: Warhammer’s Wood Elves because I had to wrap up the podcast and go somewhere. Indulge in all of that, plus some alarming profanity from Tim, below. You can stream it or download it, whichever you fancy. Older episodes are living in our archives.


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