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Regular podding service is resumed with this, the 62nd Episode of the PC Invasion Podcast. Our plan from this point on is to make Friday the usual podcast day, so there’s a fair chance this will become a weekly event once again.

This week, we try to find the semantic loopholes in Gabe Newell’s claim that Valve are actively developing at least one single player game, explore the shattering of Randy Pitchford’s internet innocence, and hope that Necromunda turns out to be good. We hope Werewolf is good too, but Cyanide are in charge there so nothing is certain.

There’s also a bit of chat about Path of Exile heading Xbox One-wards, and Swery’s immanent return to games.

Tim’s been messing about with eye tracking software, which somehow manages to involve Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ve been playing Omikron: The Nomad Soul to the delight of thousands, and Paul has laboured through the recent incarnation of Star Marine. Hear all of that, below. Older episodes dwell beneath the PC Invasion bunker in the irradiated archives.


Peter Parrish

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