PC Invasion Podcast #65

PC Invasion Podcast #65

Hot off the podpress, it’s Episode 65 of the PC Invasion Podcast. This week, we have immediate reactions to the phasing out of Steam’s Greenlight system. The news had just come out meaning it’s the hottest of hot takes, so bare that in mind.

While in the Steam-ish region, we note that Valve have three (wait … three?) VR games in some sort of development right now. It also came to light this week that Oculus were scaling back their Best Buy demo units.

We make some very poor and ill-informed guesses about Frontier’s hook-up with a Hollywood franchise, and give the UK Gambling Commission some credit for fining the dastardly FUTGalaxy owners over their illegal gambling racket. Barkley 2 is still being made, so that’s nice. And Paragon will be adding a new, shorter game mode in the near-ish future.

In game land, Tim and I have busted all the drugs in Tom Clancy’s Ghost: Recon Wildlands, and I’ve befriended holograms in Alone With You. All of that can, fingers crossed, be heard below. Older episodes are undercover in the archives.


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  • A lot of gamers have the weird idea that a presence on Steam was once a mark of quality, to which the obvious rebuttal is “Bad Rats”. And Train Simulator DLC. I’ve long supported the idea of making Steam an iOS App Store-style platform, but with a more interesting Valve-curated storefront for discovery.

    It’s the ideal situation for everyone. You won’t ever notice the flood of random games except through search, and every developer has a chance to build an audience through actually selling the dang game, a model that has worked for games from Mount&Blade to Minecraft to Factorio.