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All the news that was in hiding last week seems to have appeared in the last few days, just in time for this, the 68th episode of the PC Invasion Podcast. Quite a lot of that same news is a bit light on detail though. Sadly.

Still, if you want to know myself and Tim’s initial reactions to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (rubbish name, should be a decent game) or its $300 Collector’s Edition, you’re in the right place. We also have things to say about Ubisoft and Massive’s Avatar game announcement, and the Sleeping Dogs film news.

Plus, musings on AMD and Bethesda becoming the best of friends, System Shock’s switch to Unreal 4, and probably more bits that I’ve forgotten since we recorded them.

I do recall the games we talked about though. Those were Torment: Tides of Numenera (at last!), Night in the Woods, the Deus Ex Criminal Past DLC, and the new-ish Resident Evil 7 DLC. Hear all of that, below. Older episodes live in the archive woods.


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