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The first post-Smart PC Invasion Podcast is here (below,) and contains significantly less Derek Smart than last week. That doesn’t mean we’re neglecting the Star Citizen chat, however. Far from it. But it’s a normal episode this week, so expect other discussion. Tim’s back this week too.

Download or stream the seventh episode of the PC Invasion Podcast via our usual widget thing. Older episode (including the Derek Smart special) can be found in our archives.


Events in the Star Citizen world slightly overtook us this week. The CIG explanation for giving Smart his refund (and Derek’s response) was only just happening as we wrapped up recording. We do, though, discuss the other developments that occurred in the past six days or so.

In something of a disgruntled customers podcast special, we also talk about Blood Bowl 2’s questionable pre-order offer, and the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight isn’t going to be fixed on the PC any time soon. You can tell it’s a serious situation because the publisher even delayed the DLC.

Game-wise, you can hear Tim and I enthuse a great deal about Rocket League, I’ve been playing the sorta-Space-Hulky title Legions of Steel (out later this week,) and Paul updates us on whether he’s been able to get through the first mission in Vector Thrust.

CIG explain Derek Smart’s Star Citizen refund, Smart disputes claims

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