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Episode 73 of the PC Invasion Podcast is here to turn your Good Friday into the BEST Friday, with all the informed theological chat you’d expect from a podcast about PC games. That is to say, very little. But we do talk about Bayonetta and that has religious themes, right?

Tim is here to assess how the Bayonetta port turned out, and to gently remind me that SEGA own the rights to the Dreamcast because they made it (don’t ask … this episode has a lot of live fact checking of obvious facts). In other Japanese-games-on-Steam news, Warriors All-Stars is coming over too. Hurrah.

Something that won’t be on PC, though, is a demo of Prey. At least, not ahead of release. Still, what could go wrong with a Bethesda-published title being kept out of the PC public eye, eh? Nothing, clearly.

After our news portion wraps up with word of the Windows 10 store adopting a refund procedure, I move on to Dawn of War 3’s multiplayer beta. Tim’s played something too; Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour.

Direct your eyes and ears to the area below where you can stream or download Podcast Episode 73. Prior releases can be found in the dark corners of the PC Invasion bunker archives.


Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Preview

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