PC Invasion Podcast #74

PC Invasion Podcast #74

Exciting news right from the start on PC Invasion Podcast Episode 74, as we learn that Dota 2’s IceFrog is planning to phone up each and every player for a personal chat. What a powerful gesture from the game’s creator. We’re pretty sure that’s why Valve want everyone’s phone number anyway; could be wrong.

In sort-of-breaking-news-but-we-already-knew, it appears Call of Duty will indeed be returning to World War 2 as a setting. Unless the name Call of Duty WW2 is a really surprising bluff. And while we’re on the topic of big budget shooters, Battlefront 2 released a load of information too.

Namco’s ‘PrepareToDine’ thing turned out to be from the God Eater team, and doesn’t have a PC release anyway (yet). Oh, and Nier is getting some DLC.

Then it’s time for me to talk about Dawn of War 3 some more, and for Tim not to talk about Outlast 2 because that’s under NDA. Plus a bit of bonus Telltale chat via Guardians of the Galaxy Episode One.

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