PC Invasion Podcast #9

PC Invasion Podcast #9

It’s a packed podcast this week as the PC Invasion team come to terms with Windows 10, discuss the latest goings-on in the PC news world and talk through some games (The Swindle and Act of Aggression among them.) There’s also a particularly spectacular German language joke at the start.

You can stream or download the latest podcast episode below, or look up older episodes in our Podcast Archive.


There’s Windows 10 chat, vague attempts to slander DOTA 2 International teams with Adderall discussions, a nod at Steam’s major security blunder this weekend, SHOCK at Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to the PC, and much speculation about the removal of skills in Fallout 4 and what broader effect this might have. Plus, extreme excitement (well …) at the news of World of Warcraft getting another expansion. And some hot analysis of the US political landscape, for some reason.

From the lovely land of games, Tim has been playing around with Size Five’s The Swindle. He and I have both been getting up to no good in the amazing Way of the Samurai 4, and I’ve also dabbled in some Jotun (as this preview can atest.) Paul’s been doing the RTS dance once again, this time with the beta version of Act of Aggression.

Enjoy all of that, and probably more besides, in PC Invasion Podcast Episode 9.

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    • AsteriaHeaven

      Windows 10 is free for about a year, is that right? No way I’m installing it right away, I’ll hang on until the problems have been ironed out.

    • DickyDee

      Act of Aggression sounds pretty good. I played C&C Generals and I looked over the Steam page this morning.

    • Railbydefault

      Any podcast this(8-8-2015) week?

      • Paul Younger

        There is one coming. I have been at Gamescom this week so we were waiting until I got back.

        • Railbydefault

          Good to hear! I can understand the lack new youtube content, but no podcasts would be unforgivable. Thanks for the info.