PC Invasion Readers’ Awards 2016

PC Invasion Readers’ Awards 2016

It’s an annual policy at PC Invasion to hand over voting on our categorised awards to the readership. Our shadowy cabal has already debated and determined (sorry, that should read “sent an email around a couple of times”) the nominations in each category; but it’s up to all of you out there reading to crown the winners.

From this point onward, it’s not about which games we think are worthy of the coveted Worst PC Version/Port 2016 trophy, or the prestigious Least Terrible Publisher 2016 cup. That’s your call. We’ll be running the polls until 18 December. Results will follow shortly afterwards in a separate article.

Update 18 December: Award polls are now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted. Results and analysis coming shortly.

Here are the categories for the Ultra Popular and Respected PC Invasion Readers’ Awards 2016. Each category will accept one answer and one answer only.

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PC Imvasion Readers awards [poll id=”12″]

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