Raji – An Ancient Epic

There’s an action adventure project called Raji – An Ancient Epic which is now on Kickstarter from developer Nodding Heads Games. Unlike a lot of project that eventually end up on Kickstarter, a demo for the game has been released on Steam and it’s looking cracking.

Steeped in Indian Hindu culture, myths and legends, in this action adventure the protagonist is a young girl called Raji chosen by the gods to fight a demon invasion. She’s on a mission to rescue her brother and take down the demon lord Mahabalasura.

The demo that’ been released on Steam is really quite impressive and it’s a beautiful looking game with some clever use of camera angle changes. The demo is obviously just a slice of what’s to come but what it does demonstrate is the game mechanics and movement. At the start of the demo, Raji makes her way around what appears to be a fortress and she’s controlled using the WASD keys.When she meets her first enemies a target lock can be applied with the CNTRL key. Raji’s weapon of choice in the demo is a magical staff which can be powered-up with upgrades giving it additional damage types and effects.

If the keyboard is not your preferred control method, there is controller support which works just as well. The controls are a little niggly in the demo but that’s to be expected, this is basically a proof of concept for the Kickstarter.

The team has been inspired by the city of Jaiselmer (the Golden City) in Rajistan and its 11th-century architecture. It makes for an interesting location and the game does feel a little different compared to your usual action adventures which in part down to the great music that accompanies the action in the demo. It’s great to see other cultures being represented in gaming. 

This is one very promising looking game, and if the demo gets you interested, then chip-in on Kickstarter and help Nodding Heads Games realise their vision. 

Give the Raji – An Ancient Epic demo a watch in the video below or try it now for free on Steam.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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