Welcome to another PC Invasion Supporter monthly update, and it’s quite a busy month for releases. We’ve been busy passing emails back and forth discussing which games we should be looking at in April. With so many games hitting each month now, it’s impossible to cover them all between the three of us, which is frustrating. This is the problem we’re always looking to resolve.

With that in mind, we are likely going to start seeking some new blood to join us. We’ll keep you posted on that.

Just when I though my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work was done I had a massive report dropped into my mailbox on Sunday by one of the site visitors who also helps us with SEO. This has prompted me to dive back into the site code and sort out a few of the issues I had missed. Google really is the biggest pain the ass when it comes to SEO, but you have to at least attempt to stick to their rules. I can safely say I fucking hate Google with a passion 🙂

During our content discussions this week we have been going over plans for the months ahead and we have decided to scale back on a few things so we can concentrate others. As you know we don’t post all the news, just the important PC stuff we think is of interest. If you are super keen on following EVERYTHING then places like Reddit or NeoGaf (with thousands of posters cataloguing news) can do that job for you. That’s not what we want to be here at PC Invasion.

Our goal is to provide interesting and worthwhile articles from our own perspective, along with some of the more important news stuff (generally, games and topics that we’re knowledgeable about or interested in). What we are planning to do moving forward is more articles, interviews and opinions. The time spent writing news items about X game selling X million copies would be better spent on something unique. Same goes for articles like the Top Ten Asses in videogames. These are things we are not planning on looking at ever [Exclusive: Paul swears off looking at asses – Peter]. If you want type of thing then there are couple of other PC gaming sites you probably know of already that can fill that remit.

We are currently still discussing the finer points of this, but all three of us are in agreement that quality over quantity is preferable and more achievable with our staff numbers.

That’s about it for now. Thanks to all of you for showing your support with your wallets, it encourages us every time we see a new supporter sign-up and it helps us fund all of this.

As always, let us know what you think of the above and post any questions you may have and we’ll chip in.

As far as games coverage in April goes. There’ll be a Stellaris Utopia DLC review coming shortly, Dawn of War 3 code is expected very soon, things like Outlast 2 and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 are on the radar, as is a tech review of the PC version of Dragon Quest Heroes 2. If code appears we’d probably take a look at how Telltale are handling Guardians of the Galaxy as well. That’s not a concrete list, but those are our intentions.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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