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Hello PC game fans. This is a slightly late July update for numerous reasons so apologies from all of us for that.

The end of June has been frantic despite the slow down in game releases. At the end of June we have had to reassess how we operate the funding of the site and it’s taken a couple of months to sort things out.

At the end of June we decided to part company with our advertising partner who we have been with for around eight years. In the past twelve months they had completely dropped the ball and it had become apparent that if we want to survive then we need to make changes.

As you know we have the supporter scheme in place so we can attempt to fund the site without advertising. Realistically that’s unlikely to happen, but everything that comes in direct makes a difference and your support is massively appreciated. Everyone who writes on the site is compensated for their work, it’s something we have always done, and will continue to do.

We want to ramp-up the output in the months ahead but a lot will depend on how we approach the advertising. We have been making some good ground with forging new relationships in the past few weeks and it’s now a priority that we move swiftly and bring more of the sales in-house to avoid partnership commissions. It’s a competitive business the gaming editorial space so it’s not an easy task. However, we are determined to make it work.

We are now heading into Q3/Q4 game releases will start picking up, it’s been quite quiet since E3 which has been good in away as it’s given us time to sort a few things out.

This month we started providing more in-depth information on games as you can see from our Mafia 3 and Titanfall 2 articles. We will continue to create more of these and update them regularly. If there is a game you are keen on following then these pages will hold all the latest information.

Your feedback on how we are doing and what you want to see on the site is really important so keep it coming. We want supporters to have direct input.

Thanks for your continued support.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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