PC Invasion supporter november update

Welcome back PC Invaders, it’s November already and the AAA releases are in full flow so we’ve been quite busy.

Last month we didn’t post an update which is completely my fault, things became rather busy at the start of October. Anway, we’re back in action!

I’ve been working on a few technical things on the site which probably won’t affect many of you but one of the things is the addition of comments to our AMP pages. Mobile users who use AMP can now post comments on the AMP formatted pages. It was tricky to get working but it’s all working now.

Another issue is the comments which have been playing up in Supporter section which is completely my fault. Basically, what happens is when we update the software, some of my special super code gets overwritten. I stupidly forgot to reinsert the code but it’s fixed now.

One of the other issues with comments has been tying in site accounts with Disqus (thanks rpsweb). We are working on a solution for this but we are waiting for a response from Disqus before ploughing ahead with changes. Hopefully, that will be resolved soon.

With December now looming, it will be time to pick the best games of the year in true PC Invasion style, we usually do things a little differently to most publications but there will be a public vote based on a shortlist compiled by Peter, Tim and myself. We’re not fans of ‘list’ articles as you have probably noticed. We like to cut through the bullshit and get to the point.

Coming up will be reviews of Football Manager 2017, Dishonored 2, Titanfall 2 and more. We have been flooded with code so we’re getting through it slowly but surely.

OK, that’s it for now but as always leave your feedback, suggestions and comment below and we’ll address them.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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