PC Invasion’s Most Anticipated Games of 2022 — Andrew’s picks

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Another year is upon us, and with it, there are even more games to suck more of my life into the abyss. I previewed some of these and have a good idea of what the final versions will be like. Others, I know next to nothing about, but that’s okay. Sometimes an air of mystery is preferable. Here are five of the PC games that I’m most looking forward to in 2022.

I don’t mention that one game that’s clearly missing because everyone is already eager for that one. I don’t even have to say the name. I’ll give you a hint: it’s difficult, and it’s from those people who make all those difficult games people love to livestream.


Weird West

I previewed this one the other month. Weird West was headed up by the guy who directed Dishonored and Prey and, based on my time with the game, it manages to scratch a lot of those same itches on a fraction of the budget. As the name makes clear, it’s a Western, but it’s also an immersive sim. There are multiple defined player characters with their own shorter campaigns that you’ll play through, and I’m excitedly looking forward to playing as each one. The game is isometric, but you can move the camera quite a bit, so there’s plenty of room to get a good vantage point no matter where you’re looking. The game is out in a little less than a month, so you’re damn right I’m hyped.

Weird West

Dying Light 2

I’ve honestly been avoiding news and development updates on Dying Light 2. I want to go into it knowing as little as possible, as the first game is a bit of a favorite of mine. I know it will have plenty of parkour and even more zombies, plus an all-new main character (which isn’t at all surprising, given how The Following DLC ended). I just really hope that players don’t lose experience when they die this time. I really didn’t like that. For a while, I went a long time without leveling up because of that feature. It got me in trouble, of which I was already plenty in. So it was kind of harsh to say the least.

Dying Light 2 most anticipated pc games 2022

Sonic: Frontiers

We don’t really know much about Sonic: Frontiers save for that it’s an open-world Sonic game. Sega hasn’t shown any gameplay, so who knows exactly what kind of open world it’s going to be? At the very least, it’s going to be a fast one. I’ll admit, I’m including the game partially out of curiosity. Sonic games in the 3D era don’t exactly have the best track record, but I’d love to see Sonic Team pull it off. Just think of how cool rolling around at the speed of sound in an open world could be.

Sonic Frontiers Trailer 2022 Release most anticipated pc games

Babylon’s Fall

I also previewed this oneBabylon’s Fall is an online live service game with a pretty serious twist: it’s being developed by PlatinumGames. That alone is enough to get it on my radar, as I love that developer and will try absolutely anything it makes. Personally, I’m not crazy about live service games, but I’ll make an exception because, well, Platinum. Also, you upgrade four weapons at once and use two of them with magic. It’s rad. The enemies are insanely spongey, though, so I’m a bit worried about that. No matter what, though, hours of PlatinumGames combat is never a bad thing.

Babylon's Fall Beta Impressions 2

Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 hasn’t even been announced for PC yet, but since XSEED has been so good about porting releases to the platform (and we just got a port of the always wonderful Rune Factory 4), I think it’s likely that we’ll get this one too. Rune Factory 5 is the first entry in the series in a long, long time, and the first time a mainline entry has been in full 3D. There were a couple of spin-offs that managed it, but I’m very excited by the possibilities here. After all, what’s better than farming alongside monster battling? Well, lots of things. That was meant to be a rhetorical question.

Rune Factory 5

Ready for some new PC games in 2022

And those are the PC games from the triple two year (2022) that I’m looking most forward. To. Too. Two. 2022. That’ll be $2.

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