PC players reportedly cannot disable Modern Warfare 2 cross-play

Modern Warfare 2 Crossplay

One of the benefits that modern gaming has brought is the use of cross-platform play. Cross-play allows players from both console and PC to team up with (or against) their friends in the same game with little hassle (usually). Modern Warfare 2 is just one of the titles that has implemented the feature for its latest release. However, it seems that Xbox and PC Modern Warfare 2 players cannot easily toggle cross-play, leading to frustrations on both ends. 

Many have reported that the PC and Xbox dashboards for Modern Warfare 2 lack the option to easily disable cross-play matchmaking. There is an option  on the system level for Xbox players, which means you have to scroll through your Xbox preferences to reach it. Cross-play benefits those who simply want to play with friends regardless of their preferred gaming platform. But it does present problems when players are forced to join lobbies with no say as to whether their entire team will be Xbox players who have to fight against an entire team of mouse and keyboard warriors.


The Aim Assist debate continues

Benefits to Modern Warfare 2 cross-play also include being able to play with your buds who prefer to use a gamepad on their console. This includes both PlayStation and Xbox players. However, problems arise when you take Aim Assist into consideration. This has been a point of contention and debate with cross-play becoming more widely adopted. On one hand, the argument is that console players lack the movement capabilities that a mouse and keyboard can provide. On the other, PC players might argue that console players reap the benefits of Aim Assist, a feature that acts as a magnet of sorts to bring aimed crosshairs closer to the intended target.

Modern Warfare 2 Crossplay Disable

At this point, it isn’t clear if the option to toggle cross-play will come in future updates. With the multiplayer component launching today following the campaign release, there’s no doubt that Modern Warfare 2 has room to grow on the road ahead. This is especially the case when you consider the upcoming release of its battle royale component, Warzone 2.0.

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