Weekly Pc Game Releases Fallout 76

Another week of brand new PC game releases (November 12 to 18) and we’ve got a lot of returning icons. Agent 47 returns in Hitman 2 and fans of Ultima and The Stygian Abyss will see Underworld Ascendant. The Settlers History Collection with all its classic games will also be in stores. Finally, there’s Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, not really a return but a glimpse into the world of the AdMech. Ah, that’s it. Oh, wait… yes folks, we’ll be back in the nuclear wasteland in Fallout 76!

Of course, if you’re looking further ahead, we’ve also got our updated PC game release date list.

Hitman 2

Weekly Pc Game Releases Hitman 2

  • Release Date: November 13
  • Developer:  IO Interactive
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Agent 47 returns in Hitman 2. The sequel to the acclaimed 2016 “this is a sequel, not a reboot so let’s call it a renumbering instead” game sees our favorite bald assassin sneaking in the packed streets and dense jungles of Colombia.

The developers have shown off a lot of what you can expect in the game from its varied locales and scenery, to the plethora of ways that you could dispatch a target. Hitman 2 will also have several cool features such as the Sniper Assassin co-op mode.

Similarly, Hitman 2 will have Ghost Mode where you can compete against another player to take out a specific target. The catch is that you can only see a ghostly outline of the other player, so you can either follow their tactics or come up with one of your own. Elusive Targets also make their return where you have a one-and-done chance of assassinating a baddie — such as “The Undying” Sean Bean.

Fallout 76

Weekly Pc Game Releases Fallout 76

  • Release Date: November 14
  • Developer:  Bethesda
  • Publisher: Bethesda

Much like war, bugs in Bethesda games never change. Fallout 76 is no exception to this rule even during its impending release. The latest from Bethesda, something that has both excited and worried long-time Fallout fans, has had a few hiccups since it was announced.

We’ve heard of woes regarding the installation — or rather, the uninstallation that happens when you press a button on the launcher. There were also reports of hacking which had been dismissed by Bethesda as being inaccurate. And, of course, we can’t forget the criticisms that the game has faced during the beta regarding its content or how engaging it would actually be.

Throughout it all, Bethesda has been determined to push on, even telling fans that Fallout 76 will still have a number of issues. Time will tell if this endeavor’s well worth it, or if it should be left in the ashes of post-apocalyptic North America.

Underworld Ascendant

Weekly Pc Game Releases Underworld Ascendant

  • Release Date: November 15
  • Developer:  Otherside Entertainment
  • Publisher: 505 Games

Successfully backed via Kickstarter in 2015 and originally planned for a 2016 release, Underworld Ascendant has had a tumultuous few years in development. Now, after all that waiting, dedicated fans of the Ultima series will return to a setting they’ve become very familiar with: The Stygian Abyss.

Underworld Ascendant promises an evolving sandbox RPG where you can tailor your character to suit your playstyle. You can quest and undertake missions from various NPCs and factions, and there are even decisions that would affect the world around you.

The Settlers History Collection

Weekly Pc Game Releases The Settlers History Collection

  • Release Date: November 15
  • Developer:  Blue Byte
  • Publisher: Ubisoft

The Settlers franchise dates all the way back to 1993 when the first game was released for the Commodore Amiga. Since then, it has spawned seven games in the main series along with a few spinoffs and remakes. The eighth game is expected to release in fall 2019.

The Settlers History Collection, meanwhile, is a bundle containing all seven core games. From the first Settlers game to its Roman-themed sequel, as well as the fifth game Heritage of Kings — which tried to switch your focus on controlling your settlers as opposed to them being normally automated — you’ll get all the classics. Yes, it even has the seventh game, Paths to a Kingdom. That was actually maligned for its DRM protection that required players to have an internet connection even for single-player.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Weekly Pc Game Releases Warhammer 40k Mechanicus

  • Release Date: November 15
  • Developer:  Bulwark Games
  • Publisher: Kasedo Games

If you thought you were a techie because of your cool new gadget or upgraded rig, then you probably wouldn’t want to meet a Tech Priest. Anyone in the Adeptus Mechanicus would probably scoff at you for being such a techno-ignoramus. After all, your Intel 9th Gen cogitators are totally obsolete.

Finally, the denizens of Mars and countless Forge Worlds will finally have a game that features the followers of the Omnissiah. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus promises deep turn-based tactical combat as your Tech Adepts and Skitarii take on Necron Flayed Ones and Immortals. The game’s campaign is also written by Black Library author Ben Counter. He’s had quite an impressive resume (we don’t count Battle for the Abyss).

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