PC Titanfall cheaters now being kicked by Respawn. Perm ban applies.

titanfall pc beta (9)

I’ve been playing Titanfall quite a bit over the weekend and I was pretty sure there was some funny business going on. Either that or I’m just crap at shooters. Actually, it’s probably the latter.

Whether I’ve been the victim of cheating or not, there are plenty of PC Titanfall gamers that have been since it launched last week. Cheating was also a problem in the beta and it’s little surprising that this was not being dealt with right from launch last week.

A couple of days ago Respawn mentioned plans for an anti-cheat system but didn’t say when it would be implemented. It looks like the time has come for cheater to hop in their Titans and vanish for good.

In a Tweet this evening they have confirmed that players caught cheating are now being kicked from the game. They also added that this is a permanent ban on the account and they “will not be able to play further”.

If you were really keen on cheating then you could always buy another copy, but is being able to cheat that important? Probably not. Cheaters, you have been warned and Respawn are watching.

Maybe now I can despair in the fact I was bottom of the leaderboard because I’m useless at the game and not because some bastard is cheating.

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