PC users suggest Call of Duty: Ghosts 6GB RAM requirement is artificial

Call of Duty: Ghosts RAM
What, you can’t even TRY with 4GB of RAM?

Those PC system requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts always looked a bit on the dubious side. 6GB of RAM? Really? For a game that won’t even run at 1080p on the supposedly “next gen” Xbox One? That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it.

Well, the oddness continues with a set of posts on the guru3d forums (spotted at NeoGaf) from a couple of people who have access to the game already. There’s an image of Call of Duty: Ghosts giving a “FATAL ERROR” message to someone who only has 4GB of RAM (above,) followed by a poster going by the name “JonasBeckman” who claims that the title is barely using 2GB of RAM even on max settings. He’s also posted some screenshots to confirm he owns the game.

“RAM usage so far (Task manager, unsure about VRAM.) is usually around 1.1 – 1.8 GB. (Maybe it continues to grow the more you play, without unloading as maps change and such? Which isn’t ideal.),” he writes.

So, despite preventing those who have less than 6GB RAM booting the game, Call of Duty: Ghosts may not even require 2GB to function just fine. These are just early technical impressions of course; maybe Ghosts suddenly needs another 4GB out of nowhere or the poster isn’t taking some other factors into account. Still, it seems very fishy that those lacking 6GB of RAM can’t even attempt to boot the game and see how performance is.

In addition, it’s being reported by players that the Field of View (FOV) is hard-locked at 65 and cannot be altered. Though that may well change if modders get to fool around in the files.

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    • Josh

      I have this problem 🙁

    • Gabriel Arceo
    • Raklödder

      I smell bullshit from Activision and Infinity Ward, when Call of Duty: Ghosts (console game or console-port) needs more than 6GB of RAM to run on a PC.

    • Siren

      activsion is fucking bullshit, hope their sales drop, fucking retards setting the ram standards so high… fucking useless bunch of dicks

    • Dareka

      Activison is feeling left out in the next gen console race.

      Dice released BF3 and made DX11 popular (there wasn’t much support before BF3) which later helped developers prepare for next gen hardware.

      Watch Dogs will be exclusive on 64 bit OSes so that would mean that particular type of system will be the future.

      Activision is only left with….RAM.

    • Danny

      I don’t have a problem with the system requirements, I DO have a problem with the disk requirements as I’m downloading over 60 GB’s through steam right now, this better be good.

      • Raklödder

        Trust me, sir, it’s not worth it – FOV is locked (hardcoded) at 65.

    • Actiretards

      Activision is full of retarded people. I hope they all go to hell for doing this. So many people have 4GB of ram and now they are not just simply letting them play this game. Wtf?

    • stuart

      i have another concern with the game requirements, i am still using windows XP!
      will this only work on windows 7?

      • Spidermonk

        Windows XP is restricted to 4GB (more around 3.2-3.5GB. You would not be able to play this game on an XP system. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 should work fine.

        • Spidermonk

          EDIT: 64 Bit versions of those OS.

    • Anthony

      IM having this too. It took 2 hours to install then about to play it. That came up. its annoying. How can I fix it

    • Darkdawn

      I would rather not go pay more than the game costs on ram. $160 NZD ram for $108 NZD game zz

    • wortel

      i cant even launch this damn game…

    • RedDevil

      this is stupid i could run bf 3 with 1 gb of ram now i have 4 gb and it doesnt even start its bullshit this was made with the purpose for people to buy ram what they eventually wont even use 6 gb ram? for what?

    • luke

      please i pre ordered them game i have played every other cod does anyone know if they will patch this what a joke

    • mohamed

      i think call of duty ghost is full of it when i was installing the game at first it said i needed 60 gb of memory just to install the game thats like mw2 and 3 put together and then it tells me that i need 6gb ram to launch the game when im using 4 gb ram how come mw2 and 3 need only the minimum of 2 gb ram and they play the graphics well i mean whats so good about the graphics on this game that you need a extra 4 gbs to play i hope steam sorts this problem out or they would end up loosing alot of money on this them greedy buch of dicks

      • okeeey

        60 gb of disk space -> DLCs !!! SEASON PASS !!!

    • Phil

      Fucking gay ass company I hope they die in hell,
      If Activision was e a person, he would be in front of me dying choking in his own blood after I pee in his face

      Mother FUCK you

    • Louis

      The recommended 4GB g/card is a bit of a laugh too!!

    • Wolf

      Really you can’t complain about 6GB of ram even most entry/pre built pcs have 6-8GB of ram so its no big deal. As for video cards that another story. I have a Evga 650 TI just a entry level card was playable but not as I liked maxed out or at least all mid settings, but could play BF 4 maxed out of it around 35-40fps not great but ok. I went back to my old beast a Evga GTX 590 runs great at 1920×1080 high/extra settings avg fps per fraps is 101 and min is 75.
      Frames Time (ms) Min Max Avg
      1291 12672 75 168 101.878

    • relu

      they will remove the 6gb ram locker?i hopw sow because i have payed that stupid game:(((

    • shooter

      YEP I too have 4GB of RAM

    • Raymon

      My computer haves 6 GB of RAM, and it won’t still open. There does pop this FATAL ERROR shit up, when i wanna open COD Ghosts. I do also have 64 GB of Memory… Someone can help me??

    • neil

      I added the extra ram required but I have windows vista, the game wont work! or am I being a mong? if I pay to up grade to windows 7 will it work then? can you tell me please

    • w33dz0r

      i have 6gb ram, but i still get fatal error. can’t complete singel player story!! what should i do? i even tried running in safe mode as suggested. but nooooo…

    • w33dz0r

      same here bro. u got any solutions yet?

    • David

      Pissed off with this, I even bought more RAM (though I know how to avoid this – I was upgrading my PC anyway) and still face is sues, Solution here:


      Enjoy & share guys.

    • Andrew

      For those that are experiencing “Call of Duty Ghosts has stopped working” when attempting to launch the game, check your graphics card support. The game NEEDS a DX11 card to run the game, meaning at least a GF400 series or equivalent ATi/AMD chipset (as in the official specification). It WILL NOT run on an older card, such as my own GF GTX 260 (DX9/10) – which has coped very well with any game thrown at it.

      As for the RAM issue, a patch is soon to be released (if it hasn’t been already) to remove the limitation, or at least stop it reporting an issue, so there’s no need for more than 4GB RAM (unless you can’t wait of course!).

      The FOV being set to 65 is, unfortunately, something we’re going to have to put up with – or launch the game with the FOV Changer mod).

    • Travis

      Hi I started a mp game and it shut down instantly came up with fatal error disc read imagefile 4 i have a m17x alienware running 32gb ram intel core i7-3740qm cpu @2.7ghz 2gb nvidia geforce gtx 680m 3D graphics card why is my game crashing?

    • Neelakash

      I installed the game then the ram fix that came out , I was able to run it smoothly without any problem but just after the 7th mission ended when it started to load it crashes and shows an error saying-“FATAL ERROR” .

      It was just not expected from Activision. Really feeling sad.I have 4GB ram 1gb Ati Radeon HD 5450 i3 processor.

      I don’t know what to do.