Call of Duty: Ghosts RAM

What, you can’t even TRY with 4GB of RAM?

Those PC system requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts always looked a bit on the dubious side. 6GB of RAM? Really? For a game that won’t even run at 1080p on the supposedly “next gen” Xbox One? That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it.

Well, the oddness continues with a set of posts on the guru3d forums (spotted at NeoGaf) from a couple of people who have access to the game already. There’s an image of Call of Duty: Ghosts giving a “FATAL ERROR” message to someone who only has 4GB of RAM (above,) followed by a poster going by the name “JonasBeckman” who claims that the title is barely using 2GB of RAM even on max settings. He’s also posted some screenshots to confirm he owns the game.

“RAM usage so far (Task manager, unsure about VRAM.) is usually around 1.1 – 1.8 GB. (Maybe it continues to grow the more you play, without unloading as maps change and such? Which isn’t ideal.),” he writes.

So, despite preventing those who have less than 6GB RAM booting the game, Call of Duty: Ghosts may not even require 2GB to function just fine. These are just early technical impressions of course; maybe Ghosts suddenly needs another 4GB out of nowhere or the poster isn’t taking some other factors into account. Still, it seems very fishy that those lacking 6GB of RAM can’t even attempt to boot the game and see how performance is.

In addition, it’s being reported by players that the Field of View (FOV) is hard-locked at 65 and cannot be altered. Though that may well change if modders get to fool around in the files.

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