It took years for EA to offer PC users a proper version of Fifa with the same engine as its console counterparts. Fifa 13 finally managed that (apparently) gargantuan task, but EA is all set to put the PC version back to square one with the news that Fifa 14 on PC will not use the new ‘Ignite’ engine revealed today at Microsoft’s Xbox One conference.

That’s according to EA community manager Rob Hodson, who says on twitter: “Clarification for the PC related questions earlier – EA SPORTS IGNITE will power FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4, not PC.”

So much for my speculation that the Ignite engine would mean EA Sports titles could finally begin to utilise more of the PC’s raw hardware power. In fact, EA has opted to do quite the opposite; gimping the PC version at the very time when it and the Xbox One version should theoretically share more common architecture than ever before.

This presumably means Fifa 14 on PC will be using the same engine as last year.

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