June 20th, 2017

PC versus consoles: Final Fantasy XV PC version a possibility

final fantasy 15
This is starting to make me wonder if the footage we’ve seen is actually running on the full-fledged PC version.

I’ll start with a disclaimer: this story’s actually a month old, but I’ve only just noticed it now and it’s sort of interesting. Sorry!

Talking to Famitsu magazine (via Polygon, and the translation is likely theirs too), Tetsuya Nomura – the director of The Game Formerly Known AsĀ Final Fantasy Versus XIII and now called Final Fantasy XV – explained that a PC version is a possibility.

As is becoming more and more common (Metal Gear Solid, I’m looking at you) the game itself is actually being developed on a PC and is being ported across to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from there. “Previously we proceeded with development based on the capabilities of consoles like the PS3,” explained Nomura. “Now, though, we’re developing on DirectX 11, not based on the PS4 or the Xbox One.”

“As a result, the original Final Fantasy XV runs on a pretty high-spec PC, and how close a console gets to this original depends on its specs.”

When asked if this means that a PC version is possible, Nomura responded honestly but fairly positively. “This isn’t something we’ve really discussed, but it depends on the demand. Currently it’d require a pretty expensive PC, but if we get a lot of people in the future who want to play it with full specs, I think we can discuss supporting that.”

Considering that Final Fantasy VII topped out Steam’s top sellers list for the week it was released, I think you can argue that there’s definitely an audience for this particular series. Sounds a bit Dark Souls, too – once the game itself comes out, some sort of petition requesting a PC version may actually get a bit of attention. If nothing else, it certainly sounds like Square Enix will be keeping their eyes open to see if there’s a market for this.

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