Gather, ye lovers of spymasters, dubious plots to spark 17th Century trade wars, and WWII tank tactics; Paradox’s 2017 Convention will be open to all. You will have to buy a ticket ($80 USD at the cheapest) and have the financial means to travel to Sweden (or cheat by living there), but otherwise the doors are flung wide.

PDX CON 2017 will take place on the weekend of 13-14 May, in Stockholm. Specifically, it’ll be in “the historical Gamla Riksarkivet at Riddarholmen.” Having looked that up, I can say that it is the old Swedish National Archives building.

At the event itself, there’ll be panels and seminar discussions hosted by Paradox staff, or third-party partners, on topics including “modding, the development process at Paradox, AI programming”. You’ll also get some hands-on gaming time with Paradox’s latest titles, whatever those happen to be at the time.

“We’re opening the convention up so we can meet our biggest fans, share our new announcements with our players first, and see if they can beat me at Hearts of Iron IV,” says Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester. Consider that gauntlet thrown down.

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