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Final mural and endings in Pentiment: Guide

A storybook ending.

Pentiment‘s entire story takes place in a small town and its abbey. Still, all the twist and turns lead you down an unexpected path. Soon, you’ll find out the truth behind this village’s darkest secrets. Here’s our Pentiment guide to help you with the final mural and endings.

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Note: For more information, check out our Pentiment guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Pentiment final mural and endings guide

Unlike the first two acts with their investigations and murder mysteries, Pentiment‘s conclusion is solely about Magdelene’s attempt to paint the final mural. Indeed, while you’ll eventually learn more, there are a select few decisions that you need to make.

Origins of Tassing

Werner will ask you what you plan on doing:

  • The saints receiving the Christian settlers.
  • The Lady Kiersau founding the abbey.
  • My choice: The Bavarians settling among the Roman ruins.

The Revolt

During the Christmas feast, you’re asked about how you’ll depict that tragic event:

  • My choice: Honor what the peasants stood for. Otto is giving a speech while the duke’s soldiers stand in the distance.
  • The peasants burning the abbey and the mill, while Landsknechts defend the monks.
  • The ruins of the abbey surrounded by everyone who died and their families.

The Truth

I’m not certain if there are decisions here that will affect the final mural in Pentiment, but this moment is definitely worth discussing. Long story short: Andreas is still alive. He and Magdalene head through the Rathaus cellar, eventually reaching a long-lost chamber in the Roman bathhouse. It leads to the depths of the Church of the Labyrinth where they’ll come across the prophetess, Sister Amalie.

Amalie reveals that she’s the one who’s been writing the cryptic notes the entire time. However, she was only manipulated by none other than Father Thomas, her caretaker. Thomas admits that the Historia Tassae, a book that Baron Lorenz had, uncovers the truth behind the town’s foundation that their sacred saints were nothing but alternate depictions of Mars and Diana. Without belief in the divine, the faith of the people will be shaken to the core. This is, essentially, an element of the “pentimento” markings or parts of a drawing where the artist decided to make changes from the original concept.

It might not seem much when we think of religion or faith in the present day. Still, the game’s story is set in the 16th century, a time when the Reformation and Counter Reformation were in full swing, with the Catholic Church’s authority in doubt, and the peasantry eager to revolt. Anyway, Thomas causes the pillars to collapse, burying the sanctum. Thankfully, Magdalene, Andreas, and Sister Amalie manage to escape.

The future

Magdalene talks to some of the townsfolk, including Otto’s son. You can agree to his marriage proposal or not. If you agree, make sure to tell him to write.

Magdalene then leaves for Prague, while a clean-shaven Andreas stays behind to teach kids how to paint. I’m not sure if choosing to marry Otto Jr. has any bearing whatsoever, but you do get to see a family tree of sorts showing that they did tie the knot. You’ll also notice other characters who got hitched.

Below, you’ll see the final mural and ending scene that I got after completing Pentiment. Perhaps you obtained a different a different result.

Pentiment Final Mural Endings Guide Magdalene Andreas Father Thomas Amalie 3b

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Pentiment is available via Steam.

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