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Last month’s release of Obsidian’s new narrative adventure game Pentiment has gone over quite well so far. With a score of 88 on Metacritic and an “overwhelmingly positive” user rating on SteamPentiment has won most players over with its distinct style and impactful story. Of course, this does not mean that Pentiment executes all of its elements perfectly. Players have taken note of a number of bugs and quality-of-life concerns that would ideally need ironing out. Fortunately, Obsidian has stepped up to address several of these issues in the newly-released 1.1 patch for Pentiment.

A list of patch notes posted on Obsidian’s forums will inform players of everything they need to know about the update. One of the patch’s additions comes in the form of an instant dialogue display option that Director Josh Sawyer promised in the past. Another notable quality-of-life addition allows players to skip past the intro, which should make repeat playthroughs much more palatable.

Pentiment patch fixes issues and adds a new minigame

As for bug fixes, a notable one makes it so that the game no longer bars players from talking to Father Gernot after presenting him with evidence against someone in Act II. The developer specifically implemented “a Persuade check-in place that can allow the conversation to continue.” Additionally, the patch fixes a logic issue pertaining to the Final Day of Law and Judgement that would condemn people even if they were not accused beforehand.

This new Pentiment patch does more than simply fix bugs and streamline the user experience, however. If players speak to Endris at the start of Act I, they can now experience a brand-new smithing minigame courtesy of the patch. According to Sawyer, the developers could not implement this minigame in time for the game’s release, so they added it in the 1.1 patch instead. You can get a sneak preview of this minigame here if you wish.

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