Tank Battle: East Front 1944 is coming to iPhone, iPod and iPad

Developers Hunted Cow Studios and HexWar have announce that Tank Battle: East Front 1944 will be releasing this Thursday (22nd May) on the App Store now for $1.99 / €1.79 / £1.49 with no in-app purchases.

Tank Battle: East Front 1944 is the penultimate title in the successful ‘Tank Battle: East Front’ series of games for iPhone and iPad, a game of tactical combat on the Russian Front during 1944. Fight as the Germans or the Soviets in a series of ever more complex missions. 

1944 was to be a terrible year for the German armed forces. A year of continuous retreat as the Soviet war machine moved relentlessly west. The summer would see the destruction of Germany’s Army Group Centre, a worse disaster than Stalingrad. 1944 was also a year of super tanks with the appearance of the Iosif Stalin 2 tank with its massive 122mm gun and the German King Tiger. 

Missions vary from straightforward wipe out the enemy missions, to capture key objectives, to protecting vital supply convoys and repairing broken heavy tanks. There is a whole range of missions to reflect the tactical complexity of warfare on the Eastern Front. 

The game system is based on, and a major upgrade of, the successful game engine developed for ‘Tank Battle: North Africa’. Tank Battle: East Front 1941, Tank Battle: East Front 1942 Tank Battle: East Front 1943 are already available from the App Store. More Tank Battle: East Front missions will follow with the release of Tank Battle: East Front 1945 in the coming weeks.

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