Perfection is Imperfection in this Clockwork Teaser

There’s no doubt that we as humans worry about the future. Most of us wish we could fast-forward 20-years simply to see what life would be like. Maybe it is filled with floating cars, high-speed tube travel, or even jet-packs.

What if there’s the possibility where the gap between rich and poor has grown to towering proportions? In the city of Watchtower, it seems like that is the unfortunate reality.

“Clockwork is a story about unlikely friends coming together to try and fix an imperfect world in a time-bending puzzle-platforming adventure story. We want to ask players the question: What if you could go back in time, to before everything changed?”–Daniel McMahon, Clockwork’s Lead Writer

The game so far boasts puzzles that have an emphasis around time. Our main character, a mechanical boy by the name of Atto, is constantly mending other machines in order to keep them functioning. The adventure takes shape when his trusty pocket watch awakens, introducing itself as Milli and offering something that could fix the city once and for all.

The game currently slated for release in 2015 on the PC and other platforms. The game will also be present at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Calif. March 2-6.

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