June 20th, 2017

Periodic league table: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team adds player chemistry

FIFA 14 - 1
He was so good at keepy-uppy that even the other team stopped to watch.

EA are breaking bad with the reveal that FIFA 14‘s Ultimate Team mode will feature player chemistry.

This doesn’t mean you can force your team to make crystal meth so that you have more money for transfers, sadly. As per usual I’m not even going to pretend to understand this, but you can apparently set Chemistry Styles that influence a team’s performance, with different styles available at every position and each one having a particular effect on how a player performs by enhancing different attributes.

I honestly assumed that “player chemistry” would mean certain players would play better with certain other players, and would likely favour them for passes and so on, but I guess not! That or I just don’t understand how this works, again.

There are some screenshots of terrifying relationship webs below, as well as a picture of a man with silly hair kicking a ball.

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