Caroline And Justine Strength Confidant Persona 5 Royal Hangout

Caroline and Justine are the holders of the Strength Arcana and Confidants in Persona 5 Royal. Together they are the attendants of the Velvet Room, tasked with overseeing the protagonist’s rehabilitation. They are introduced on 04/09 and you can begin their Confidant on 05/18 after infiltrating Madarame’s Palace. Caroline and Justine are always available and can be found in the Velvet Room.

The twins have a unique social link that functions like no other. Rather than ranking them up by hanging out with them, you have to fuse the Personas that they request. These requests usually involve multiple fusions and often require Personas that are difficult to obtain. Also, progressing the Strength Confidant does not move time forward unlike every other social link in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal: Caroline and Justine Confidant skills

Below are the skills and benefits acquired from ranking up the Strength Confidant. All of the twin’s skills are focused on creating stronger Personas. Since your Personas are the single most important factor in determining how strong you are, this social link is incredible. It is always worth prioritizing completing the Strength Confidant.

  • Rank 1 – Group Guillotine: Allows you to fuse three Personas to create powerful new ones.
  • Rank 3 – Lockdown: Allows you to leave a Persona to learn an attribute resistance.
  • Rank 5 – Special Treatment: Allows you to pay to create Personas of a higher level.
  • Rank 8 – Guillotine Booster: Increases the possible fusions of Personas in Group Guillotine.
  • Rank 10 – VIP Treatment: Reduces the amount of money needed for Special Treatment.

Persona 5 Royal: Sojiro Sakura Confidant fusions

The answers that you give during Confidant events have zero impact on progressing the Strength Confidant. Instead, you have to fuse specific Personas that are requested by Caroline and Justine. These challenges have multiple solutions but the fusions listed below are some of the easiest to do. You can obtain the Personas required for the fusions from Mementos.

Keep in mind that without the Special Treatment Skill obtained at Rank 5, you cannot create Personas above your own level. Even then it is expensive to do and usually not worthwhile unless you have a lot of spare cash. Also, these solutions assume you have access to all DLC as is standard in the Steam version of Persona 5 Royal.

  • Rank 1 (Fuse Jack Frost with Mabufu – Level 12)
    • Fuse Succubus (Level 7) with Kelpie (Level 6)
  • Rank 2 (Fuse Ame-no-Uzume with Frei – Level 16)
    • Fuse Suzaku (Level 16) with Berith (Level 9)
  • Rank 3 (Flauros with Tarukaja – Level 19)
    • Fuse Angel (Level 9) with Jack-o’-Lantern (Level 2) to create Eligor (Level 16)
    • Fuse Berith (Level 9) with Regent (Level 10) to create Orobas (Level 17)
    • Advanced Fusion with Berith (Level 9), Eligor (Level 16), and Orobas (Level 17)
Caroline And Justine Strength Confidant Flauros With Tarukaja Persona 5 Royal

The Advanced Fusion required for Rank 3 of Caroline and Justine’s Confidant in Persona 5 Royal. Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • Rank 4 (Phoenix with Counter – Level 21)
    • Fuse Jack-o’-Lantern (Level 2) with Hua Po (Level 9) to create Yaksini (Level 20)
    • Fuse Yaksini (Level 20) with Kelpie (Level 6)
  • Rank 5 (Setanta with Rakukaja – Level 26)
    • Fuse Kodama (Level 11) with Jack Frost (Level 11) to create Isis (Level 26)
    • Fuse Isis (Level 26) with Eligor (Level 16) to create Lamia (Level 26)
    • Fuse Lamia (Level 26) with Silky (Level 6)
  • Rank 6 (Neko Shogun with Dekaja – Level 30)
    • Fuse Orobas (Level 17) with Slime (Level 10) to create Fuu-Ki (Level 23)
    • Fuse Fuu-Ki (Level 23) with Silky (Level 6) to create Sudama (Level 17)
    • Fuse Slime (Level 10) and Isis (Level 26) to create Anzu (Level 25)
      • Level Anzu to level 28 to learn Dekaja
    • Advanced Fusion with Anzu (Level 28), Kodama (Level 11), and Sudama (Level 17), inherit Dekaja
  • Rank 7 (Lachesis with Tetraja – Level 34)
    • Fuse Jack-o’-Lantern (Level 2) with Jack Frost (Level 11) to create Cait Sith (Level 5)
    • Fuse Kelpie (Level 6) with Anzu (Level 25) to create High Pixie (Level 16)
    • Fuse Sudama (Level 17) with Jack Frost (Level 11) to create Leanan Sidhe (Level 19)
    • Advanced Fusion with Cait Sith (Level 5), High Pixie (Level 16), and Leanan Sidhe (Level 19) to create Tam Lin (Level 27)
    • Fuse Fuu-Ki with Hua-Po to create Principality (Level 29)
    • Fuse Principality with Pixie to create Anubis, Inherit Tetraja
    • Fuse Tam Lin (Level 27) with Anubis (Level 34), Inherit Tetraja
Caroline And Justine Strength Confidant Persona Compendium Anzu

You can use the Persona Compendium to summon any previously fused Personas. Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • Rank 8 (Hecatoncheires with Masukunda – Level 42)
    • Fuse Bicorn (Level 4) with Slime (Level 10) to create Andras (Level 27)
    • Fuse Fuu-Ki (Level 23) with Andras (Level 27) to create Zouchouten (Level 31)
    • Fuse Zouchouten (Level 31) with Isis (level 26) to create Lilim (Level 32)
      • Level Lilim to level 34 to learn Masukunda
    • Fuse Lilim (Level 34) with Anzu (Level 25), inherit Masukunda
  • Rank 9 (Bugs with Samarecarm – Level 49)
    • Fuse Zouchouten (Level 31) with High Pixie (Level 16) to create Pisaca (Level 28)
    • Fuse Fuu-Ki (level 23) with Principality (Level 29) to create Hariti (Level 40)
      • Level Hariti to level 41 to learn Samarecarm
    • Advanced Fusion with Pixie (Level 2), Pisaca (Level 28), and Hariti (Level 40), Inherit Samarecarm
  • Rank 10 (Seth with High Counter – Level 51)
    • Fuse Lamia (Level 26) with Isis (Level 26) to create Thoth (Level 39)
    • Fuse Tam Lin (Level 27) with Hecatoncheires (Level 42) to create Pazuzu (Level 45)
    • Fuse Pazuzu (Level 45) with Hecatoncheires (Level 42) to create Fortuna (Level 46)
    • Fuse Anubis (Level 34) with Fortuna (Level 46) to create Red Rider (Level 41)
    • Fuse Red Rider (Level 41) with Bugs (Level 49) to create Dakini (Level 50)
      • Level Dakini to level 52 to learn High Counter
    • Fuse Dakini (Level 52) with Pazuzu (Level 45) to create Horus (Level 47), Inherit High Counter
    • Advanced Fusion with Isis (Level 29), Anubis (Level 34), Thoth (Level 39), and Horus (Level 47), Inherit High Counter

Note: For information on the other confidants in Persona 5 Royal like Caroline and Justine check out our Confidant guides hub.

Persona 5 Royal can be purchased on Steam.

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