Persona 5 Strikers guide: How to get the meal tickets (Love Soupreme request)

Persona 5 Strikers Love Soupreme meal tickets feat

Ryuji loves ramen. It’s something that he makes clear due to him always wanting to eat ramen. Persona 5 Strikers has a request, called ‘Love Soupreme,’ where Ryuji tasks Joker with acquiring two meal tickets so that the two of you can eat Sapporo’s legendary ramen. Of course, it’s not as simple as going and buying it. The ramen is so popular that the meal tickets sell out minutes after they become available and, wouldn’t you know it, that day’s batch has already been sold. Persona 5 Strikers then tells you that meal tickets can still be found, however, but you need to find a shop with a red sign.

Since we’re talking about ramen, it’d be understandable that you’d expect to be looking for a restaurant with a red sign. Alas, despite there being restaurants with red signs, you aren’t supposed to track any of those down. That would make too much sense. What you want to do is to go to the pharmacy located in the middle of the West side of Sapporo’s big shopping area (not where the RV is parked). There you’ll find a pharmacy with a huge red sign that even says “red” in Japanese. Not subtle at all. Just talk to the man standing directly by the entrance and he’ll admit to being the one that buys a lot of the meal tickets.


It’s not that he wants all the ramen to himself, but the chef has arm problems and the pharmacy owner doesn’t want him to work himself to death. Therefore, he refuses to sell you any meal tickets unless you can somehow find a component that will make a compression brace that would allow the chef to cook in peace. Sophia knows just the thing. Unfortunately, “just the thing” requires you to accept a request in the middle of this request called “The Apothecary’s Connection.”

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Persona 5 Strikers – Get connected, get meal tickets

This quest is busy work. You need to go to the Sapporo Jail and find Mothman demons to fight. There are tons of them in the area with the mountain of ice you have to climb to access the third core. You just need to kill 10 Mothman while controlling Sophia. If you don’t use her, you might want to grind for a few minutes. Thankfully, they’re a weaker enemy that she can easily stun simply by shooting them. Then just go back to Sapporo after you’ve killed the 10 and submit the completed quest via the menu. Once that’s done, head back to the pharmacist.

He’ll marvel at the materials you’ve found and make a compressor immediately. Afterward, you can buy meal tickets. You don’t buy them from him, though, you have to actually purchase two of them from the pharmacy for 800 yen a pop. Some gratitude this guy’s got. Complete the request via the menu and you’ll get a bit of dialogue and some bond experience. Ryuji and Joker don’t go get the ramen, though. I guess they’re saving it for later or something. But the meal tickets are for that day! You snooze, you lose, fellas.

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