Persona 5 Strikers guide: Hidden Desire locations for “Trapped In” Requests

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Some of the more irritating Requests in Persona 5 Strikers are the ones that task you with finding a hidden Desire in a dungeon you’ve already cleared. You’re normally given a vague hint as to where it is, but as they appear to be identical to the general loot pickups you find, you still need to look around an awful lot to actually find them.

But fear not! I found them all and took copious notes as to where every hidden Desire can be found in Persona 5 Strikers. You should be able to sneak in, nab them, and get out quickly and quietly, just like a true Phantom Thief.


Please note that dungeon names below are fully revealed, including the final dungeons. As such, if you’re not at the end-game, there are spoilers for locations within. The final dungeons are separated out, but consider this a warning nonetheless.

As a secondary spoiler warning, this guide has the names of the “Trapped In” Requests, which usually hint at the nature of the dungeon. So again, be careful when browsing through. Maybe inch your page down very slowly.

Persona 5 Strikers – Hidden Desire locations

Persona 5 Strikers Treasure Demon

Technically this is a Treasure Demon and not a Desire, but shush. It’s shiny and pretty.

Trapped in Wonderland (Shibuya Jail) — West end of the Underground Waterway. It’s a small treasure capsule hidden on one of the raised partitions.
Trapped in a Nightmare (Sendai Jail) — At the very northwest corner of Hirose Street. From the checkpoint, go onto the roof, circle around to the south and then go west across the street.
Trapped in a Frozen Hell (Sapporo Jail) — In the Arboretum. Go south from the checkpoint (not down the snowboard hill), through the church, and follow the path around. The Desire is at the very end of the path before you have to climb the ice wall to continue.
Trapped in Ruins (Okinawa Jail) — Go east from the Lab: North checkpoint and grab onto the hook that crosses the room. The Desire is on top of the crate that the hook crosses directly over, in the middle of the room.
Trapped in Shrine Gates (Kyoto Jail) — From the Fox Couple Shrine checkpoint, go west to the Daughter Fox Shrine and keep going west through the warp. You’ll find yourself in the Path of Fortune. Follow that path through to the next warp, which will take you to Beckoning Cat Square, where this Desire awaits.
Trapped in a Dystopia (Osaka Jail) — In the Shipping Railway Area. Specifically, it’s in the raised area just to the left side of the area’s center. Use Third Eye in the middle of the zone to see grapple points onto the high raised area a little to the west; it’s sneakily hidden away up there.

SPOILER WARNING: Details on the final areas follow

Persona 5 Strikers Show's Over


Alright, consider that your final warning. Unmarked spoilers ahead.

Trapped in the Abyss (Abyss) — Right next to the Lower Stratum checkpoint. From that checkpoint, grapple up twice; the Desire is on the platform directly before the chest.
Trapped in the Great Tree (Tree of Knowledge) — This Desire is on the Path of Surrender in the very southwest corner. Grapple your way up to find it.

And that’s it: you’ve found every hidden Desire in the game. While these can be some of the more annoying ones (looking at you, Trapped in a Dystopia), they’re certainly not the hardest challenges this game has to offer.

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