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The first few bosses in Persona 5 Strikers aren’t too taxing. That said, considering this hack-and-slash game borrows the elemental affinities from the main series, it’s nice to know what you’re getting into. The Shibuya Jail boss is the first “main” boss you’ll face, and she’s also arguably the easiest of the lot. Here, we’ll go over her strengths and weaknesses, as well as attacks to watch out for.

We’ll also go over the EX refight you can take on in the post-game. Note that this isn’t the same as the boss refight that will be made available soon after you first win — the EX fights are endgame stuff, which are only made available when you’re clearing up the last bits of Persona 5 Strikers.


Mad Rabbit Alice

Persona 5 Strikers Mad Rabbit Alice

Drains: None
Nulls: Psi
Resists: None
Weak to: Wind, Fire

Alice Hiiragi’s Shadow form is something I can only describe as “a horrible sexed-up patchwork rabbit thing.” Which is quite the mental image, if nothing else.

Mad Rabbit Alice has two phases. For the first, the one real attack to watch out for is when she starts spinning on the pole in the center of the arena. You can knock her off of this and temporarily stun her by using the party poppers scattered around the arena.

Once she shifts into phase two, she’ll get a bit more aggressive. She’s got a tracking swipe attack which you need to run away from. Her other “big” move has her pretend to be Sonic the Hedgehog: she curls up into a ball and spin-dashes towards you over and over. Just keep dodging to the sides to avoid this until she stops. These attacks tend to leave her dazed for a moment, giving you ample openings to inflict damage.

Ann and Morgana are obvious candidates for this boss fight considering her weaknesses. If you want to go with the original Phantom Thieves, then you can take Ryuji too —  anyone but Haru is a good bet here.

EX Refight

Persona 5 Strikers Mad Rabbit Alice 2

Not the EX refight, but definitely the boss.

The EX variant of Mad Rabbit Alice amps things up a bit. For one thing, there’s far, far less time between her attacks, so finding opportune moments to hit her is a bit rarer. She’s also picked up Mapsio and Mapsiodyne, amongst other things.

One big change is that when she spins on the pole in the middle, Psi attacks will continuously launch out so knocking her out of it with a party popper should be done as soon as possible. If she tries to use Brain Jack, stay away. Mapsio can either be jumped over or you can simply get behind her (although she will turn while using this), and Mapsiodyne is a simple “run like hell.”

Honestly, she’s not too tricky in either her regular or EX forms. She’s a decent introductory boss to both the basics of boss battles, and to how they change up in the charged-up EX fights.

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