Persona 5 Strikers guide: Who to take to Tenboto tower

Persona 5 Strikers Tenboto Blade

As you start to approach the end of Persona 5 Strikers, you’ll get a second choice of who to spend time with. This time around, it’s in Osaka right after finishing up the story stuff there, and it’s a decision on whether you want to head up the tower in Tenboto with the girls or the boys. No choice between individuals, here; you just pick which group you want to invite.

Once again, this probably seems like a bit of a big decision. Social links were a big deal in Persona 5 and you can reasonably expect that, even in Strikers, this might give you some specific rewards or bonuses. Let’s dive in to the choices and consequences of who you take to Tenboto tower in Persona 5 Strikers.


Tenboto tower consequences

However, as with the Ferris wheel back in Sapporo, this decision doesn’t actually make a big difference. Or, well, any difference at all, except for the scene you see and the dialogue you get.

As far as I can tell, you get the exact same amount of Bond EXP no matter whether you decide to go with the girls or the boys (your only two choices) and this has no impact on future events. As such, you can go wild. No extra events, no new items, no change in future dialogue. Don’t panic, and just pick whichever you prefer.

Persona 5 Strikers Tenboto

That said? While the Ferris wheel events varied between hilarious and heartwarming, this is a little different. Both events are genuinely funny in their own way, and I highly recommend saving and reloading to check them both out.

And that’s that. With Tenboto out of the way you can move onto the Persona 5 Strikers endgame proper. If you’re still struggling with other aspects then be sure to check out our guide hub. It’s got you covered for everything from minor decisions like this all the way up to how to take on the toughest challenges in the game.

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