No, we’re not talking about the boring movie with about seven endings, but rather Konami has insisted the next Pro Evolution Soccer title will mark a return to form for the series. Speaking to MCV, Konami’s European PES Team Leader Jon Murphy stressed that the game will lean more towards simulation than arcade gameplay in an effort to win back lapsed fans of the series.“People want their football game to mix playability with realism, and that is a fine line to walk,” he said.“PES 2010 sees a real return to the simulation roots of the series, with more considered pace, and more emphasis on positional play and passing movement.”He went onto stress that community feedback has been crucial to the development process.“The PES fanbase is thankfully very vociferous in their PES tastes, and has proved essential in the development of the new game,” he added. “Everything from the way nets bulge to the goalkeepers’ gloves has come under scrutiny, and all feedback has been shown to Japan who have met many of the requests in the new 2010 edition. It’s the return of the king.”Despite years of supremacy in the football sim field, PES was eventually overtaken by FIFA after FIFA 08 and FIFA 09 eclipsed the lacklustre current gen efforts from Konami. The battle will once again resume this year, with PES 2010 and FIFA 10 both due for release in October.Which do you think will come out on top? Let us know in the comments section.

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