Going for 99p if you’re prepared to trade-in Fifa 12.
Today sees the UK launch of PES 2012, marking the start of the annual sales chart war between Konami’s game and EA’s Fifa 12
Well, as ever, we’re here to provide you all the info you need when it comes to the best prices and trade-in deals. 
As always, it’s the supermarkets offering the best flat-rate price. The pick of the bunch this time is Tesco, offering PES 2012 at £32.70. Asda has plumped for £34.97, while Sainsbury’s have stuck 2p on that to come in at £34.99. Why don’t they just both go for £35?
I’d never usually say this, but Argos is also worth a look. An Xbox 360 edition can be picked up for £34.99, although on PS3 it’s listed £35.99. Why? Who knows…
The usual suspects of Game and Gamestation are both going for £39.99.
If you’re not happy with your copy of Fifa 12, you can trade it in at HMV. If you decide to do so the oh-so-troubled retailer with provide you with a copy of PES 2012 for a mere 99p. Interested? 
You may want to check out our review of PES 2012 and Fifa 12 first.
If you’re shopping online then ShopTo.net (£34.85), Zavvi (£34.99) and The Hut (£34.99) are your best bets.
Elsewhere, Best Buy, Amazon and Play.com are all showing £37.99.
Forza Motorsport 4 is also released in the UK today, see here for the best prices.

Paul Younger
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