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This guy is just going to hang around in the air until the demo shows up.

Anybody who’s been waiting around for a PC demo of PES 2015 to see what kind of weird monster-hybrid version of the game we’ve ended up with apparently needs to wait some more. The demo was scheduled for a 13 November release, but with that day having passed in several time-zones there’s still no sign of it.

Update 14 November: It’s now on Steam. Rest of the original story follows.

This is especially odd, given that Konami’s PES 2015 site actually has a news article up talking about how the PC demo is “now available.” Except (at the time of writing) it isn’t, anywhere.

There’s no sign of it on Steam, either at the store page for the game or in the general demo list. Nor does there seem to be any kind of “direct download” (as mentioned in the Konami news post) on the PES site or elsewhere.

Presumably it’ll still show up in due course. When it does, Konami say it will have the same contents as the PS4 demo of the game. That is:

“Seven European top teams: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Napoli. In an exhibition match with a maximum length of 10 minutes, they can compete in any matchup in the “Konami Stadium”.”

When it is released, I’ll probably try to write some demo-based impressions of this year’s PC version.

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