PES 2015 PC demo is now available

PES 2015 PC demo is now available
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From the looks of this screenshot, PES 2015 also doubles as a Riverdance simulator.

I’m not sure quite when it was made available, but the demo for Konami’s kickball simulator PES 2015 is now available on Steam.

According to what Peter wrote about 13 hours ago, Konami put out a post on their PES 2015 site that the demo was available – only, er, it wasn’t. So that was a bit mystifying. It’s now on Steam, at least, so you can try it out for yourself. Just click this link and then the “Download Demo” button on the right, and you’ll hopefully be ready to play with Konami’s balls.

I suspect Peter will be downloading the demo as soon as he notices, so he’ll likely be posting up some thoughts on it later tonight. We’re a little uncertain as to how the PC port holds up, considering it’s apparently a bizarre hybrid of the Xbox One/PS4 and the Xbox 360/PS3 versions.

According to Steam, theĀ PES 2015 demo requires about 1.2GB of free space.

Update: As advertised, here are some impressions of the demo. Short version: it plays well but looks pretty awful.

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