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A curious sighting from Australia, where their game classification board have just given a rating to something called PES 2016 Free To Play. There’s very little context to this, other than that, yes, it is listed as a computer game.

Far as I can tell, this was first spotted by these guys.

Without any additional details, it’s hard to be sure what this means. It could be a free-to-play spin-off from the main game (in the same way that EA ran FIFA World for a while, based on an older version of the game), or an indication that the main title itself will be moving right into the murky world of microtransactions.

There’s also an outside chance that the listing is just an error.

In other news involving PES 2016 and the word “free”, Konami have decided to release next year’s UEFA Euro 2016 Data Pack to all players for no cost. This is to serve as an apology for the way previous Data Pack releases have been handled (mostly issues with incorrect or out of date squad information).

Before that, in December, the game will be getting another freebie Data Pack that includes the famous Maracana stadium, some new faces, and various other additions.

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