May 19th, 2017

PES 2017 on PC confirmed to be another inferior port

PES 2017 on PC confirmed to be another inferior port

We’ve reached the traditional part of the PC Pro Evolution Soccer cycle where the latest upcoming version, PES 2017, is confirmed to be a half-baked ‘hybrid’ port. As noted by GamingRespawn, PES ‘Brand Manager’ Adam Bhatti delivered the news in a twitter reply to PC users last week.

In response to people asking whether PES 2017 would, like last year, be inferior in graphical quality to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, Bhatti replied: “We’ve answered many times, it’s a shame you haven’t seen it. Do not expect it same level as PS4/XBone”.

Presumably by “we’ve answered many times” he’s referring to twitter posts, because to date there has been absolutely zero information about the quality of the PC port on Konami’s official PES 2017 site, or in any of the press releases put out to date, or from any of the preview/trade events where PES 2017 has been shown. You know, the more visible sources. Last year PES 2016 was even advertised on Steam with stock PS4 screenshots, even though the PC version looked nothing like the PS4 release.

So, this year, expect PES 2017 on PC to be another mish-mash of graphics from the 360/PS3 versions, features from the Xbox One/PS4 versions, and long debates about whether the gameplay is exactly the same as on ‘current gen’ consoles or a bit of a hybrid. On the brighter side, the PC versions will, once again, be the most straightforward to mod and will (like PES 2016) benefit a great deal from this.

On 30 July, Bhatti suggested in a new tweet that the PC version might get more attention “next year.” Update May 2017: Turns out it will. PES 2018 will at least give the PC version parity.

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    • Teddy

      Fuck Konami!

      Jim Sterling says it better than me:

    • KC

      Again? Why don’t they like money?

      • topota molder

        they do, and that’s why they choose to do this, so they can sell games on ps4/xbox one instead of everybody pirating it on pc

        • KC


          You can’t prove a lost sale. Pirates are going to pirate.. All you can say for sure is that they’ve lost out on the money they would have made from me and everyone else who would have bought the game legitimately on PC.
          I’m not going to now buy it on console.. I’m just buying Fifa instead.

          • topota molder

            I meant that realeasing it on PC would hurt ps4/xbox one sales. To put an example I own both a PC and a PS4. If there was a next gen pc version I probably wouldn’t even think about buying the game on ps4 and just pirate it on PC instead. But because there isn’t one, I’m “forced” to buy it on ps4, which is exactly what I’m going to do. Smart decision by them. The big sales are on console anyways and they know it, specially when it comes to PES/Sports games. PC sales would only be a minor fraction if they decided to realease it and like I said it would clearly hurt current gen console sales and their profit. They know it and that’s why they have taken this approach.

            • KC

              You know what, I do see your point, but I still disagree.. Reason being, I just don’t pirate games, PC or otherwise. I used to, when I was on console funnily enough, but then I switched to PC and Steam happened.
              Now having games outside of Steam / Origin is just a hassle.
              The only game I’ve pirated on PC is Blur, and that’s because it’s not available for purchase.
              So for me personally, them not putting effort into the PC version hasn’t stopped me pirating it, it’s just guaranteed I won’t be buying it.

              • #441

                Well said. Console gamers’ perception of the PC community is this small, close knit, town of 20 odd thousand, whose money just wouldn’t be satisfactory or warranted enough to produce a great game for us too. They are sadly mistaken, and I would’ve gladly handed over full price for PES being such a loyal fan. Every fan was hoping this would be the year Konami finally saw us in the starting line-up, only to find out we’re still made to train with the U21’s. It may cost them more than it costs us..

                P.S.: (Like my football joke back there? Come on that was class wasn’t it?! Go ahead…you can admit it..)

          • Neo Mid F

            its the same case with fifa bad PC graphics even is inferior port and the most important i could never play fifa15 online match this is the worst, i pay for that and cant play, The mayor problem es piracy this is why they dont spend money.

    • Alec

      That’s a shame because I didn’t mind the licensing problem because fortunately, the PC port has the modding community for that. They could’ve at least given the port more time and importance. The gameplay and the graphics are the only things that they have to stand against EA’s Licensing, graphics(Frostbite engine), and maybe even gameplay. I guess I’m going with FIFA 17 this year. What a loss. I was excited for this, too.