PES 2018 “will be demanding” on PC, higher spec requirements

PES 2018 “will be demanding” on PC, higher spec requirements

Official system requirements for PES 2018 have not yet been released, but it’s safe to say that they’ll be higher than previous years. PES product manager Adam Bhatti states today that the game “will be demanding” in comparison to prior PC releases.

That’s to be expected of course, since the PC version this year will finally have parity with the contemporary console versions on PS4 and Xbox One. The required specs for PES 2017, which still looked like a PS3 game unless you installed some graphics mods, were very modest.

Bhatti has shared the PC that has been used to demo PES 2018 at events, but adds that people should wait for official, minimum specs before freaking out too much. The machine he cites is an i7-6700 with 32GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 inside. I’d be astonished, though, if PES 2018 actually required anywhere near that level of power.

Be prepared to actually need a somewhat recent gaming PC to run the game now that it’ll be equivalent to the console versions. But don’t feel like you need to start that 1080 savings fund just yet.

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    • KC

      They still don’t get it lol. “Parity”?
      I’ll be waiting for reviews but I won’t hold my breath

    • Jorge Miguez

      The requirements will not be like metal gear solid 5? Since it uses the same graphic engine, they may be similar

    • David Galan

      Would i3 4130 – GTX 660 – 8GB RAM be enough to run PES 2018 with ease?

      I used this set for games such as AC Unity, AC Syndicate, MGS V PP, The Witcher III, so it should be ok right?

      Football games shouldn’t require any extravagant specs?