The Trail: Frontier Challenge

Released last year for mobile by 22Cans, The Trail is now making its way to PC this summer as The Trail: Frontier Challenge.

Yes, Molyneux is back with another PC release, but after the complete cock-up of Godus, how well this translation of a mobile game will do on Steam remains to be seen.

“Our goal with The Trail: Frontier Challenge was to take the core gameplay and narrative of The Trail on mobile and reimagine it for Steam players,” said Peter Molyneux. “PC players are looking for a completely immersive and uniquely challenging experience and I think they will be pleased with what we’ve created.”

The PC version will differ from the mobile release according to Molyneux who added, “The gameplay has been developed to be far more strategic, for example, players will now have to balance what they carry in their packs against how fast and far they can travel. Bigger items are heavier and slow you down, smaller items are lighter so you can travel faster.”

The Trail: Frontier Challenge may not fly off the shelves as a matter of principle, Molyneux’ fall from grace a couple of years ago is not easily forgotten. As for Godus, well, what can we say? Molyneux really did deliver a trail of broken dreams with that one. Perhaps The Trail: Frontier Challenge on PC will restore the dreams of Molyneux fans but we’re not counting on it.

The Steam page for The Trail: Frontier Challenge is now live and the game will cost $15, but considering the game is free on mobile, this may put gamers off. Our advice is to avoid this until proper reviews come out.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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