In a new update to his Project Godus Kickstarter fundraiser, Peter Molyneux has released a video in which he takes a trip through some of his past games and discusses a few of the triumphs and failings of each one. Along with sidekick Jack from 22cans, the pair indicate which aspects of each game would be desirable for Godus itself.

By the sounds of things, they’re wanting to nab the landscape sculpting and God-like powers from Populous, the digging and deviousness of Dungeon Keeper and the clutter-free interface and interaction with tiny people from Black & White.

Alongside this video, there’s word of a Godus t-shirt and pendant (possibly for warding off evil spirits) for backers at the relevant financial levels. The Kickstarter itself is ticking along quite smoothly, at around £150,000 GBP (of £450,000 GBP).

Watch the video below for the full discussion.

Peter Parrish

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